This year we hope to continue to broaden our membership base to encompass the entire Abney community: moms, dads, step parents, teachers, school administration & staff, grandparents, aunts & uncles, local businesses, friends, neighbors, and students . Specifically, our goal is to achieve a target membership; enroll 100% of Abney’s staff; and to add at least 30 business memberships.

During this year’s membership drive, the W.C. Abney PTA will be offering the following membership incentives:

§  The first class in each grade level to achieve 100% membership will be rewarded with an extra $25.00 in their teacher account.  Teachers in any class that receives 100% membership will receive $10.00 added to their teacher account.

§  When we reach 100% school wide membership, the members of W.C. Abney PTA will know that we are recognized as a vital and relevant organization that is making a difference in the Abney community. Plus, we will receive recognition in local newspapers, as well as be recognized by Paulding PTA Council and Georgia PTA.

When PTA gets involved, children benefit.

When you get involved, the child who benefits most is your own.