Accelerated Reader

Many children enjoy working on computers. Likewise, many children enjoy reading. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program combines these two important activities into one. AR is a computer software program that promotes reading in schools, but is not used as part of the daily reading instruction. The program’s goal is to motivate students to read more quality books and, in turn, become better readers.This program is a three-step process in which students:

  1. Check out AR books from Abney’s Media Center.
  2. Read the books.
  3. Use a computer to take a short comprehension test on the contents of the book.

Accelerated Reader began Tuesday, September 1st  and will run through April 12, 2016.  There are three different levels to complete. Each student must reach the required number of points and maintain an accuracy percentage of 85% to be eligible for prizes.  When a student achieves a level they will receive a small prize. All students reaching “Anchors Away” status or above will be recognized at the PTA End of Year Awards Ceremony in May. The number of points needed to attain each level for each grade is as follows:

LEVEL 1: Anchors Away – Deadline 11/3/15
K: 5 points
1: 8 points
2: 14 points
3: 20 points
4: 25 points
5: 30 points

LEVEL 2: Smooth Sailing – Deadline 1/19/16
K: 13 points
1: 20 points
2: 30 points
3: 40 points
4: 50 points
5: 65 points

LEVEL 3: Cruising the Coast – Deadline 4/12/16
K: 20 points
1: 30 points
2: 45 points
3: 55 points
4: 75 points
5: 95 points

  • Students may not retake quizzes on previously tested books.
  • Any books that have been made into movies will need to be parent/adult verified.
  • New or beginning readers may have the books/quizzes read to them.

As in years past, most testing will be done before and after school in the Media Center, Computer Lab, and classrooms where each child’s teacher deems appropriate.  Students able to test without any assistance are allowed to test during the day in the classroom, at the teacher’s discretion. Mrs. Hilburn and some teachers are looking for volunteers to help their students test each week. Please ask your teacher if you can help if you are interested.

Parents with students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are encouraged to assist with before or after school testing. AR testing times are 7:30-7:50am (so students get to class on time) and also after school until 6pm however, no staff will be present after 3pm. Contact your teacher to determine the process for your child’s class.

You can monitor how your student is doing with AR here: Enter the username (the student’s first and last name WITHOUT a space) and the password (student’s lunch number). Students may not take quizzes at home, but this will enable parents to check their student’s progress and to see if a book they have at home is an AR book.

Please remember that the purpose of the AR program is to promote healthy reading habits.  Therefore, any kind of cheating cannot be tolerated. All cheating should be reported to the PTA or Mrs. Hilburn immediately.

Please send any questions or concerns regarding AR to Mrs. Hilburn.