Box Tops and Other Giving Programs

The programs listed below are an easy way to turn trash into treasure, without spending any more money than you usually would! We earn money or points based on how many labels are turned in. Money received from these programs goes into the PTA General Fund. Points received from other programs can be redeemed for supplies for the school. In the past we’ve redeemed for megaphones, a camcorder, a long-reach stapler, work tables, projectors, rotary cutters, art supplies and more. Last year Abney staff, students, and families raised more than $3,000, and we have a goal of $4,000 this year. And to think, we get all this from your usual grocery shopping!

Make it easy to remember to do this: create a collection spot in your kitchen – a small box, Ziploc bag, envelope – so you have somewhere safe to keep everything you’re collecting! When you’re ready to send them in, place them in a Ziploc or envelope and write your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name on the front. We hold periodic “Blitzes” and raffles for those who send them in during specific time frames. Watch for more information about this in the PTA Newsletters.

Box Tops for Education

We earn .10¢ in cash per label and they really do add up! Last year we earned close to $3,000 with this program. This year our goal is $4,000! Please be sure to ask grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else who may be willing to clip and save these for us. Together we can!

Labels for Education

Clip and send in the UPC code with the Labels for Education logo. If you shop at Kroger, sign up for the eLabels program and link your Kroger Plus card to the site for instant credit. You can still send in the UPC label too for double points!

  • List of Participating Products – click here
  • E-Labels for Education at Kroger – click here for more information or to register your card.

Coca-Cola Rewards

Save Coke Reward codes from bottled drinks and cases and turn in to your child’s teacher. These codes are found under the caps on bottles and inside the tear-off part of the 12pk case packaging. If you currently enter codes into the rewards website, you can also donate some or all of your points to Abney!

Last year we accumulated enough points through this program to order two Audio/Video carts! These are available in the Media Center to be checked out by any of the teachers or support staff. We also received 32 new, free soccer balls through a special promotion they held. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Tyson Project A+

Tyson Project A+ labels earn us $0.24 each! The Tyson Project A+ labels are on all frozen Tyson boxes and bags, as well as Tyson lunch meats. Make sure you clip the entire coupon. Tyson will not accept a coupon if the entire “1-2-3” is not intact.

Community Coffee Cash for Schools

Save UPCs (bar codes) from all Community® and Private Reserve® coffee products.